Centre Pivots & Boomsprays

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CALCLEAR is presently commencing trials on how centre pivots suffer ongoing scaling and corrosion problems. We are confident that CALCLEAR will not only de-scale these expensive irrigation systems and dramatically reduce their rate of deterioration, but change the mineral structure that causes all the scaling into a form that has already been shown to have wide ranging growth and health benefits for a wide range of crops and other plant forms. In the industrial and domestic sectors it has already been shown that algae and many fungal formations need a particle size bigger than 4 microns to form on and within a matter of weeks they are removed by the treated water and do not reappear. It is hoped that CALCLEAR treated bore water will have similar effects on many of the soil borne fungal infections and that the increased calcium uptake by the plants will make them more resistant to disease.

Important Note: In all cases where the CALCLEAR system is fitted the units will initially break down the bonds between existing scale and the surfaces of pipes, tanks and equipment and this scale often breaks off in lumps. These have to be periodically flushed out of the pipes or scooped out tanks where the scale will have dropped to the bottom. This only occurs in the initial de-scaling period (1 to 5 months) depending on water usage. Only surfaces in direct contact with the treated water will be de-scaled. The computer unit should be fitted as close as possible to the pipe to be treated to allow the maximum number tight turns of the antennae around the pipe as possible (minimum 12 turns). Like all electronic equipment, the computer unit needs to be protected from the weather, direct sunlight, moisture and extremes of heat and cold. The antennae should be fitted approximately 1 meter from pump motors or any other strong electromagnetic fields which may distort the CALCLEAR signals