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Using the CALCLEAR system, it is now possible to economically treat the entire water supply to the kitchen, effectively de-scaling all the equipment connected to it. This eliminates the need for de-scaling chemicals and rapidly reduces maintenance and repair costs. In-line filters are cleaned out and do need replacing as often, if at all. A large in-flight catering operation, which uses CALCLEAR to treat its entire water supply, achieved immediate cost savings by changing the detergent for their tunnel washers, to one which did not contain the de-scaling chemicals. This resulted in huge savings in chemical costs which paid back cost of the CALCLEAR units within two months. These savings in maintenance, downtime, servicing and chemical costs are typical of what can be expected throughout industry and agriculture. Steam oven elements will be progressively de-scaled and remain scale-free (provided the flushing mechanism is operated daily). All other appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, cappuccino machines, taps and pipes will remain scale-free prolonging their service life and reducing maintenance costs and eliminating acid de-scaling