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Ionised water has several benefits ranging from better lathering of soaps and shampoos, to alleviation of itchy skin/scalp whilst progressively removing shower mould and inhibiting its return (The sub 4 micron particle size is below that required for mould formation). Ceramic and stainless steel surfaces brighten up as the residue formerly left by the calcium crystals are removed. Examination of the toilet flushing cistern will show the scale being broken down below the water level, with the dislodged particles collecting at the bottom of the cistern. These particles are gradually broken down and flushed away. Washers on taps and fittings will start to leek after a few weeks as the scale on the washer surfaces is removed. In some cases washer surfaces are damaged when pressure is applied to stop taps dripping, this is because of limescale build-up on the washer surfaces. In these cases, washers may have to be replaced.

During the initial de-scaling period existing barrier filters may trap scale dislodged from the incoming water supply and these should be periodically rinsed out as with the mesh strainers mentioned earlier. It must be emphasised that these dislodged scale particles only occur during the initial de-scaling period on existing water systems in hard water areas and would not apply to new plumbing systems or ones that are currently being commissioned. By observing these simple precautions all water consuming equipment will be returned to almost original operating condition, resulting in energy savings, prolonged equipment life and a large reduction in scale related equipment malfunctions.