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Moyna Bradley from Tamworth has described the CALCLEAR Water Conditioner as a “brilliant invention.”

We have a big house with a lot of windows. To clean them I used bore water and the CALCLEAR Water Conditioner. I don't need to use as much water. When I hosed them off there wasn’t one single streak. I just couldn’t believe it!

Then I decided to try it on my car. I used my mop with my "magic solution" and the use of the CALCLEAR-treated water. I’ve never seen my car so clean--- not a single streak. It was shining. It was clean so fast I knew why Ray kept saying how his singlets were looking better and better!

Now I have everything for quick results---- CALCLEAR and my own bit of magic---3/4 bucket of hot water; 1 cup of liquid sunlight; ½ cup metho; 1/2 cup cloudy ammonia; 500mls eucalyptus oil; I shake it like the blazes!

It really works!

Sally and Doug Jones, Meldorn Lane, Tamworth

September 5th, 2002

Basically we are very happy with the CALCLEAR. We used a water softener before (name supplied) which was not worth a pinch of “p---” ! It may have helped soap up, but it didn’t take any scale away. We also used a (name supplied) magnet – that made no difference whatsoever.

After the CALCLEAR we noticed a lot of differences around our place!

I was impressed that the CALCLEAR washes clothes beautifully in cold bore water. I don’t have to use a softener like Comfort. Towels are a good indicator – they were never soft like this with our old water softener. – they were like metal, hard and scratchy.

Also the garden has done very well. The water absorbs into the ground better and the Calcium doesn’t lie round on the ground or on the plants. Without the CALCLEAR the leaves would go brown and burn. The horse trough still gets some sediment but not the scum on the top or edges.

Lester Buckley, TOOWOOMBA Queensland

16th August, 2002

Yes, it’s great ! We’ve had the CALCLEAR for a couple of months. We had a water softener and took it off !

The wife says the washing is much better . She really likes it. There is now no longer any white on the shower screen and around the bath. The shower rose doesn’t have scale in the holes either. The water is softer even though we are on bore water.