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Installation Instructions

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or follow these instructions:

Protect computer unit from weather, moisture, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. One metre of pipe is needed for the antennae windings and a power source. Fit computer unit as close to the pipe to be treated as possible to allow the maximum number of antennae windings. 4 corner brackets may be screwed by one arm into back of box allowing 2 arms of each corner bracket to be attached to wall. Double sided tape on back of container is optional to attach to wall. Fit the antennae 1 metre away from pump motors or other strong electromagnetic fields which may distort the signals of the CALCLEAR unit. Antennae cable is constructed from high temperature silicone and can withstand pipe heat up to 105deg C.

2 antennae supplied:

1) Antennae No 1 - 1 metre of antennae is allowed from CALCLEAR unit to pipe. Start fitting from the CENTRE and wind out. Unscrew LEFT MIDDLE BLACK Binding post and attach one BLACK antennae end. Insert the metal end of the antenna half way into the exposed hole- do not push in the plastic end. Screw plug cover back onto the metal end of the antennae. Do not tighten the plug cover onto the plastic antennae end. For the connection to be complete, the screw should only tighten onto the metal end of the antennae. Take antenna to pipe and start windings with 1st turn UNDER the pipe and wind along the pipe to the left making tight, touching turns around the water pipe. (see arrows on Illustration). Use all antennae allowing 1 metre to return the end to the Left Red plug.

2) Antennae No 2 - Allow a space in the middle between the sets of cables on the pipe (about 30 cms ) Secure the antennae to the Black Binding post, wind OVER the pipe and along to the Right using all antennae with enough to return to the Red Binding Post. Secure antennae with Tape supplied. At least 15 windings are needed.

Transformer: The plug in transformer can now be connected to complete the installation.


LED lights indicate sequenced programme operating.

If lights do not go on brightly and start a sequence, phone technical number.

In-built surge protector is being used, however surge protector is needed for Power Pack Transformer.

Warranty does not cover lightning strikes.

For more information contact our technical department +61. 2. 9977 8801