Install a Hydro 80


Protect computer unit from weather, moisture, direct sunlight and extreme heat. One half of a metre of exposed pipe is needed for the antennae windings. The computer unit may be mounted up to 4 metres away from the pipe. Fit the antennae more than one metre away from pump motors and other strong sources of electromagnetic fields. As such items may distort the signals from the CALCLEAR unit and reduce its effectiveness.

Antenna Spacing
Two antennae (coils) are supplied. It does not matter which way the coils are wound, but it is important that both coils are wound in the same direction. Consider a pipe that is horizontal, if the left-hand end of one coil starts by passing under the pipe, then the left-hand end of the other coil must also start by passing under the pipe. Use as much of the provided cable as possible for each coil. Tape should be tightly bound around each end to firmly secure the coils. The junction box may also be taped to the pipe near the centre area of the coils once all terminations are made.

Power Pack
Connect the power pack by inserting the plug into the socket and tighten the locking ring. Ensure that the power pack is in a position away from any possible damp or water splashes.

The unit has 6 red LED lights which indicate that the unit is operating correctly. Should these lights not sequence then call the technical support number indicated at top of page. Warranty does not cover lightning strikes.