Install a Sentinel


Windings have been changed from previous models - at middle of pipe one antennae starts over the pipe, the other antennae starts the winding under the pipe, the other antennae starts the winding under the pipe. Suitable for pipes up to 40mm diameter. Approximately 60 cms of exposed water pipe will be needed for the antennae windings.

The antennae may be fitted onto a straight or on a curved pipe. The CALCLEAR unit must be protected from the weather, direct sunlight, moisture and extremes of temperature(recommended temperature range 0-40†C). Antennae will withstand temperatures of 130 degrees. Fit the unit as close to the water pipe as practical to allow the maximum number of antennae windings. The antennae windings must be kept at least 1 metre away from electrical pump motors or other large electromagnetic fields which could interfere with the signals.

Each antennae must be fitted onto two terminal plugs. One antennae fits onto the black plugs on the left hand side and the other onto the red plugs on the right-hand side.

Each Antennae must be connected to plugs of the same colour.

  1. Fit the first antennae by unscrewing the lower black No. 1 - the plug which is farthest away from the label. Fit circular end of the antennae onto the terminal. Wind down black plug to fit tightly. Secure the antennae to the pipe with the electrical tape by starting the windings under the pipe (not over), until there is just enough remaining to fit tightly under the other black plug No. 2 - closest to the label. Secure on pipe with tape or cable tie. Wind down plug to secure.
  2. Leave a hand space between the sets of antennae on pipe as per the illustration. Attach second antennae to the lower red plug, No. 3, the plug which is farthest away from the label, in the same way, start winding over the pipe, secure with another piece of electrical tape, make tight, neat turns along the pipe. When you view from the end of the pipe the turns will be in the same clockwise direction as the first antennae. A minimum of 15 turns is necessary. The more turns the better. Secure with tape onto pipe. Attach to other red plug No. 4.

The plug-in power pack can now be connected to complete installation. Keep the transformer cable away from the signal antennae.

Warranty is void without the installation of surge protector.

When installed correctly, both signal and power lights will light up alternately.