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Pipe Diameter


Prewound Pipe

Waterbuddy 20-25mm 65 yes

Applications: Domestic use, small Commercial applications eg hot water services, cappuccino machines.

Sentinel up to 40mm 138 yes

Applications: Domestic use, very hard water.


up to 60mm 215 yes

Applications: Boilers, Sterilising equipment, Commercial kitchens, Hydroponics, Dairy farming, Bore water, Vineyards.

Digital and Prewound

up to 60mm 215 yes

Applications: Agricultural installations, Hydroponics, Greenhouses Bore water, Pumps.

Mobile Softwater

25mm Male BSB fitting 65 yes - inside

Applications: External installations, Domestic use, Small Commercial applications (hot water service, coffee machines).

Inline Descaler up to 100mm 774-1524 no

Applications: Mining, Councils, Irrigation, Industrial, Turf

Hydro 80 up to 80mm 466 no

Applications: Irrigation, Industrial, Hydroponics.

Hydro 100 up to 100mm 774-1524 no

Applications: Councils, Irrigation, Industrial, Turf.

Hydro 200 up to 200mm 3060 - 6000 no

Applications: Township water supplies, Mining Industry, Golf courses.


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