Solar Powered Unit

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After increasing customer demand for a solar powered unit that offered more versatility in its application and installation, we have now added a new solar powered unit to our range of Water Conditioners.

The solar powered unit is especially useful in remote situations, such as bore water flowing into a dam or tank, and also on large scale installations such as township water supplies where there is normally no access to mains power.

The new solar powered units is sold with a rechargeable battery and 40 Watt or 60 Watt system either 2 or 3 solar panels, depending on the particular requirements and Latitude. The unit is completely independent and does not have any additional power requirements.

Solar Powered Unit

The new solar unit is suitable for pipe diameters of 60-65 mm.

Please contact us by email or phone +61 2 9977 8801 to find out which is the best system for you.